Bill & Bob

The photographer

Carol & Jim

Plaid siblings

Bill & Francee

Bill vs Reality

Bill S. & D. 1965 CSH

Bill S. & D. 2013 at Bill D.s loft

WILR Newsblimp ca. 1976

w. Jeff M.

Bills & Francee at Baiting Hollow ~2017

"Francee Less Bill"

The Photographer

"Yas, yas, yas!"

drinks w/ umbrellas

Guess who?

with Billy J. Kramer at Sam Ash


with Les and Judy Paldy

Bill as Xmas tree

Encounter Oktoberfest Munich '76

Ironic? Prescient? Coincidental?



"Oz" in San Francisco

At St Albans ~2017

At Baiting Hollow ~2017

Holy Grail Axe

w. "Prints"

Prize Winr.


w/ Prints

Seranade at Northport

Nancy, Francee, Bill S. & Bill D.

The Sansom Gallery

B'day with

blimp cake

Bills ~2018

Bills ~1965


Another b'day

with The angelic Ana


Bill's beloved Saab & Prints

At the Met

Commando Bill

Fire Island

L. Ronkonkoma

Dog whisperer


Mom's in Huntington

Bill, Bob & Carol

St. Albans


Backyard, house in Lloyd Neck

With Beverly, early 70's

With Denise, 60's

LED zoot suit



Rev. Dr. Dransfield, Carol, Jim

Bill, Carol


Carol, Mom & Dad

"Antique Lace"

Late 50'-early 60's

Leonine Bill

Fixing up the loft on West 27th, 80's?



with Donna & Dave

With John Rowe

At St. Albans ~'69?

Noodling on Bill D's 12 string

Bill chillin'



w/ Denise

VA winner


A donation was made to the

Huntington Library's Great Books

Club in Bill's name.